We’ve always been, and still are, linked by a thread and, even when it breaks,
we continue seeking our link el Gavion® (head) to keep moving forward

(E. Armano)

Create your own Gavion® bracelet!

And change it everyday!

Express your creativity and imagination with a bracelet you create!
Everybody can wear Gavion® bracelets: men, women, kids too. The colorful Gavion® bracelets are made out of copper wire, coated with a special transparent polymer that gives shine and protection.

On top of that a magnetic closure in coloured plastic adds a unique brightness to our items!

Red copper, warm and classy, tin copper, young and techy, alternate red and tin copper, elegant and classic, not to mention the transparent one… you can pick any of the those wire according to your own taste! You can also combine the choice of wire with many different colours for the closures: from neon – hued shock to the opaque and transparent.
Vary the lenght, add and remove Gavion®, combine the colours as you like… In other words you can do whatever you want with your Gavion® bracelet!

In the end you will have your own and unique Gavion® bracelet, a true expression of your imagination!

Share your Gavion® bracelet with whoever you want and swap it with your friends!

Everybody can wear Gavion® bracelets: men, women, kids too.
The colorful Gavion® bracelets you can share them with all your friends!

Combine your favorite colors and choose from the red or tin copper bracelet.


Bracelets Gavion®

Only one Gavion®? Absolutely not! Sky is the limit for Gavion®… You can wear more separeted bracelets or you can create long and colorful one to wrap your wrist! You can pick the type of wire and closure among the many available!


Necklaces Gavion®

Why just bracelets? Gavion® provides you with a unique choice of copper wires of different lenght so that you can enjoy yourself by creating unique necklaces. To match the look and the make-up of the day, of course!


Anklets Gavion®

Gavion® bracelets have no limits… so why don’t you wear them on your ankle? Its colorful closures will allow you to change anytime you want! Gavion® is absolutely waterproof so don’t worry: you can wear it in the swimming-pool or in the sea!


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