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Gavion is born from a mix of technology, industrialisation and creativity.
The Gavion bracelet comes from a study of a classic electrical cable, modified to make it more aesthetic and more fashionable; it brings together the tradition of one of the oldest metals of the Earth, copper, and modern plastic coatings used in the fashion industry. Assembled with a magnetic clasp that makes it practical, versatile and sporty.
The Gavion bracelet was born in the Quattordio offices of Venezia s.r.l., where the company’s decades of experience in the automotive components sector meets the creativity of Eng. Diego Armano who studied and developed the new product.

Thanks to the most popular technologies in the electromechanical field, Gavion created a high performance, quality product for all ages.
All made exclusively in Italy with materials purchased from suppliers who produce in Italy; this is Made in Italy made better: Made and Manufactured in Italy.

The term Gavion, from the Mandrogne dialect, means ‘end’ or the beginning of copper wire that you look for when you need to start or restart a process.
And here is where the catchphrase of Gavion comes from, written by Enrico Armano “We’ve always been, and still are, linked by a thread and, even when it breaks, we continue seeking our link El Gavion® (head) to keep moving forward”.

This phrase has allowed us to believe in our project, to develop it with passion and feeling, by showing that well-made products with an excellent quality/price ratio and a history of people and willing companies that do not give it and always seek EI GAVION to start over can be made in Italy.

Diego Armano